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Glencoe, Illinois

This home, located in Glencoe, Illinois, is the first new LEED Platinum home on the Northshore, and only the second new LEED Platinum home in Illinois. Remarkably, the home was built at only 40% of the cost of Illinois' first new LEED Platinum home.

A challenging site necessitated massing the home as essentially two south faces masses, connected together on the east side. This 'U' shape that was formed at the second floor allowed for a green roof to become the central focus of the design. Unlike many green roofs, which are truly up on the roof and not accessible, this roof is an integral part of the home. It is visible and accessible from both the master bedroom and the main hallway.

The roof, made of recycled content standing seam metal, allows for many green features. The asymmetrical shape helps funnel more water onto the green roof. The steeper south facing roof is for the solar thermal panels, optimized for the low winter sun, and the shallower south facing roof section supports the solar PV panels, whose electrical production is maximized for the middle of the day in the summer as a CO2 reduction strategy. Solatube daylighting skylights bring natural daylight into the interior where windows are not possible. The home achieved a HERS rating of 32, which means that the home is designed to only use 32% of the energy of a 'standard' new home.

  • Green roof
  • Natural daylighting
  • Radiant floor heating
  • LED recessed lighting
  • Cement fiberboard siding
  • Compact plumbing core design
  • Passive whole house ventilation
  • Solatube natural daylighting tubes
  • Rain barrel water collection system
  • Permeable driveway and yard paving
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic panels
  • Low and no-VOC materials and finishes
  • Prefabricated building shell components
  • Closed cell foam R-40 walls and R-55 roof
  • Passive solar design with calculated shading
  • Garage wired for Volt electric car recharging station
  • Integrated app controlled ultra high efficiency HVAC systems
  • Recycled content standing seam metal for storm water collection
  • Significant locally sourced and/or recycled content materials throughout
  • Native and low maintenance landscaping by Christy Webber Landscaping